The Real State of Art
Mérida, Yucatán
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Art Director: Braulio Cmpos

Web Designer: Allan Tintore

The Real State of Art







Minted in the Quintana Roo jewel of Tulum, Arthouse emerges in emblematic buildings that fuse art, architecture, nature and Wellness experiences in all their expressions. After its success in the Caribbean, the concept of Arthouse was taken to the city of  Mérida by Kelman Desarrollos, a firm dedicated to the creation, construction and commercialization of avant-garde and luxury real estate projects in the southeast of Mexico. 

Arthouse Mérida was born as a real estate project of 160 luxury residential apartments that transform the vision of the Real Estate, within a place where art, gastronomy and cultural spaces converge, which together create an exceptional atmosphere.





Arthouse Mérida needed to position itself as a high-end, exclusive and innovative project in the city, evolving from its bohemian concept developed in Tulum to integrate into a more urban context.

We strategically designed a campaign that will help expand the limits of the brand without losing its essence; projecting Arthouse Mérida as the residential proposal where art is experienced in each of its spaces.

Under a new approach, the campaign "THE REAL STATE OF ART" is born, which seeks to magnify the project and separate it from the existing residential ones, positioning itself as a real estate development where art is not only appreciated, but lived as a full and real experience.





Arthouse Mérida needed to raise its brand perception, based on existing elements; visual communication was reinterpreted through its editorial design, inspired by art books with a clean, modern and elegant style, accompanied by images that enhance the dimensions of the complex, boosting its campaign phrases with a typography that fuses the classic with a modern style, thanks to its patinated typographic style to which kerning adjustments were made to modernize the receiver's perception.

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