Hispana Distrito Vivo
Mérida, Yucatán
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Lead Designer: Sara A. Barragán

Copywriting: Violeta Gallegos

Hispana Distrito Vivo

Hispana is a real estate proposal located in Merida, Yucatan, designed to provide its residents with a holistic, comfortable and adequate life according to their needs, which exalts the community as a central point to design spaces where they can develop fully and freely.


It arises as a commemoration to the hispanic community, inspired by youth and coexistence. The brand is presented with a logo that reflects a carefree, cheerful, communitarian and young lifestyle, based on a Sans serif typography, adjusting the strokes to project a relaxed and soft character.


The branding is complemented with a selection of colors that refers to hispanic culture, accompanied by graphic elements that evoke the free, cheerful and lively essence of the brand; the intertwined hands refer to diversity, to all the corners that are inhabited in this district, where between glances there are infinite dialogues.


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