Mérida, Yucatán
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Copywriting: Guadalupe Caballero

Lead Designer: Carlos Bonilla



Universidad Anáhuac Mayab is characterized for being one of the most prestigious and nationally recognized universities. In addition to the wide educational offerings at the undergraduate level, they offer the best Continuing Studies programs in Mexico, with certified teachers with extensive experience in their areas of specialization. 

The challenge of this new advertising campaign was to generate a proposal that could reflect the world of possibilities and opportunities that come with studying in a Continuing Studies  program, creating a sense of belonging and connection among professionals.



What if you decided to expand your horizons and explore all the possibilities the world has to offer? There are no limits to learning, tomorrow you can enter a whole new world where knowledge is your best ally. That is why the Continuing Studies program is an excellent option to specialize and to become a more professional version of yourself. 

Anahuac Mayab is the path to success, the perfect opportunity to explore those possibilities, it is the tool to achieve all your goals, dreams, and the motivation to reach the success you have always dreamed of.



We use an aspirational narrative, focused on visualizing big dreams for the future that every professional has always had in mind. The slogan "Discover a world of success" opens a range of opportunities where the result is always becoming a successful leader, who achieves all his goals. 

The complementary graphics, typography, color palette, and photography, transmit a formal style, which evokes strength, professionalism, and modernity to motivate students to become the best version of themselves.






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