Mérida, Yucatán
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Copywriting: Violeta Gallegos

Lead Designer: Carlos Bonilla



Copan Residencial is much more than a place to live, it is an ecological community located in Conkal, Yucatan that firmly believes in what nature symbolizes for people, providing a luxury proposal where everyone will be part of a mystical experience. 

The branding of the brand seeks to evoke the cultural identity of the Yucatan region, mixed with an essentialist lifestyle that connects with an elemental space. It needed to position itself as a responsible project with the flora and fauna, while at the same time, it needed to highlight its modern architecture to stand out among its competitors.



"And with such clarity, the visitor understood that the earth is to be inhabited, procured; and illuminated by the sun's rays, he decided to establish what would now be his home."

The narrative of the project is inspired by nature, in the belief that good living is found in protecting it and paying tribute to it through an ecological lifestyle, where he would not only be inhabiting, but enduring his space to surround himself with the community and connect with the mystical part of the land of the Mayab.



Legend has it that once the great mother earth lived nearby the heart of heaven, that place where the gods rested and called home. There was, then, a wooden brigen known as Copán, that bond the divine world form the terrestrial one. There, it was all calm, tranquility, a gentle feeling of welcomed gratitud. When crossing it, you reached the divine field.

The naming of the project, has a strong inspiration in the Mayan culture, mythology, and roots, as the roads for them, are sacred, all lead to the divine lands of the Mayab, and have a deep connection with nature and the heavens.







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