Mérida, MX
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Photography: Elías Collí
Copywriting: Verónica Garibay

Set Design: Daniel Avila


Credibit is a financial company that offers different loan modalities and alternatives, adjusted to the possibilities and needs of its clients, in a safe, modern and accessible way.

Confidence in the future is one of the brand's core values. Through financial loans, Credibit provides security and convenience to its clients, allowing them to enjoy the opportunities that will come their way.

The name Credibit comes from two key words: credit and bit. We combined them, starting with "credit", the literal descriptive of the services of the brand; followed by the term "bit", an abbreviation of Binary Digit, a word that phonetically refers to "heartbeat". As these two elements go hand in hand in the business model, with a subtle emotional and human element, the name is clear and explanatory.

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