Ligera de India
Mérida, MX
All rights reserved

Photography: Elías Avilez/Elías Collí
Copywriting: Braulio Campos

Lead Designer: Andrea Balam
Set Design: Daniel Avila

Ligera de India

"I have traveled through life and the world, discovering the ingredients of nature and the freshness of moments, I learned to live free and clean of everything that is leftover".

Ligera de India is a line of handmade dressings based on Indian nuts, prepared by Mexican hands and fresh, natural, and organic ingredients that will make you enjoy precious flavors and moments encapsulated in each dressing.

The journey continues through you. Each flavor of Ligera de India represents a different journey of sensations and experiences that portray the story of a woman who in the search for her reunion with nature discovers a precious element: the Indian nut and decides to share it with the world.

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