Iguana Banana
Laguna Milagros, MX
All rights reserved

Photography: Elías Avilez / Elías Collí
Copywriting: Violeta Gallegos

Lead Designer: Braulio Campos
Set Design: Aura Barbachano

Iguana Banana

Miraculous lagoon, freshwater paradise

In the tropical jungle of Huay Pix, Chetumal, in the mystical and sunny state of Quintana Roo, one of the largest and most beautiful lagoons in the entire Yucatan Peninsula is born.

Its crystal clear turquoise waters merges with the Caribbean breeze, inviting travelers and visitors to enjoy a liberating and unforgettable experience for the soul. From that heavenly union was born: Iguana Banana, a Hotel Boutique with an Eco-Chic concept, the perfect oasis to relax and connect with nature while enjoying the benefits that our mother earth gives to us.


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