Mérida, Yucatán
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Photography: Elías Avilez / Elías Colli
Copywriting: Violeta Gallegos

Lead Designer: Allan Tintore
Set Designer: Aura Barbachano


Electromax is a technology integrator company divided into 5 areas of specialization focused on providing tailored solutions for companies and individuals in Mexico.


For the rebranding, we created a modern personality that integrates the most representative attributes of the brand, taking its avant-garde technology and expansion capacity as a reference based on an abstract iconography that is combined with a range of digital and vibrant colors.


The selected fonts and their thickness changes give it a condensed, friendly and close look that merges with its technological and humanistic characteristics.


By the way! We have been chosen to participate with Electromax as one of The Best Technology Branding Projects in the Best Designs category at DesignRush.


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