Inmobilia Web
Mérida Yucatán
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Copywriting: Violeta Gallegos
Web Developer: Affenbits

Web Design: Braulio Campos

Inmobilia Web




Inmobilia has more than 20 years of experience as a leading developer company in southern Mexico, specialized in Premium Real Estate. As part of its expansion and to maintain recognition within its communities and attract new markets, the company decided to renew and update its website.

For the programing of the web’s interface and its administrables modules was used the CMS of Hubspot, integrating all the functions and actions of this powerful tool of marketing and sales department.



Due to its ability to visualize and develop real estate projects that defy imagination, we conceive Inmobilia as a company that stands out for its recognition, excellence and customer service.

The key concept of the brand revolves around its mantra "we create communities", giving us the opportunity to design a friendly site taking inspiration from its history, elegance and accessibility.



As part of the user experience, we created an interactive interface with specialized search filters as a tool for the user to find the community that best suits their interests, needs and requirements easily and quickly.

Through a dynamic design composed of a scroll down movement, we present the detailed information of each of the sections that integrate the website, presenting the projects of the developer through animations that offer the user a quick overview of the same.

To encourage the call to action (CTA), we used the color red on the buttons, conveying security and confidence in the user. In the same way, as part of the user experience, we created Dark Mode and Light Mode Responsive versions, which provide adequate variations between colors, increasing the readability of the interface from any device. 

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