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The key to creating a recognized brand is understanding its consumers. At Mantra we achieve this through our inbound philosophy, which places the consumer at the center of our strategy and ensures their satisfaction through valuable content until they become a qualified lead and, ultimately, a new customer.

Your company will grow bigger and better by adapting to the constant change of its consumers, and by doing so through strategies focused on results you will be able to position yourself in the digital world, achieve your goals and exceed your expectations.

Unlock your brands potential

Equipo de Inbound marketingEquipo de Inbound marketing

Strategies that meet your goals

Our process is focused on knowing the consumer to generate strategic content that connects with them.

We determine the right channels, campaign times and the ideal type of content to position you in the mind of your ideal client.


Find your mantra

We make a deep investigation of the company, its competitors and the trends in its area to determine the base on which we will create our strategy.

The analysis of strengths and weaknesses, as well as of the existing platforms and content, provides us with the necessary information to enhance your brand.


Identify your audience

We develop the ideal campaign for each necessary communication channel, define the ideal client for your company, identify possible market niches and optimize the budget to achieve the best results.


The coin of the digital world

Valuable content is the best tool for generating leads.

We develop this content through social media publications, blog writing, creation of email-marketing campaigns and the use of specialized tools that make this content reach your customers.


Connect with your future clients

We apply our strategy with specific actions in search engine optimization, configuration of tools and implementation of forms and call to actions that position your brand in the mind of the consumer and positively impact the sales of your business.


Your growth is our objective

Inbound Marketing is a methodology in constant evolution, so our strategies are frequently updated. We monitor campaign performance through metric evaluations, measure results and present innovations to ensure that your objectives are met.


We want to show you off

We create brands that we are proud of.
We’re with you every step of the way to ensure that your Mantra is transmitted in a powerful way.

What we do
What we do
What we do
What we do

Inbound Marketing

Strategy development

SMART objectives and KPIs / DNA + Mantra / Buyer persona / Business stages / Nutrition flows / Lead qualification standards / Editorial calendar / Keywords and topics of interest / Customer service strategy / Platform connection / CRM integration / SEO audit and website optimization / Automation / Pattern optimization (PPC) / Consulting and results evaluation

Tool implementation

Facebook Ads / Social networks / Blogging and content marketing / Email marketing / Premium content / CRM implementation / Dynamic forms and landing pages / Strategy optimization

We want to show you off

The best way to capture the attention of your users is through valuable, original, creative and strategic content.

Let's unlock the potential of your brand together!

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