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360° Digital Strategy

Manuel Delgado


Manuel Delgado is a business that has been dedicated for more than 40 years to selling office furniture, from chairs to complete meeting rooms. In their store catalog, we can find a whole variety divided into chairs and tables for restaurants, offices, schools and homes. 


The challenge: create a brand's presence on social media, Google and other digital platforms, aligning an integral strategy to achieve a unique goal: positioning and online sales. 

In the following article, we show you how we prepared Manuel Delgado’s strategy for the first 2020 semester.



Because of the line of business, we created distinct audiences based on their products or users who could be more interested in buying furniture from areas such as offices, restaurants, schools and homes. 



On Facebook, the intention was to create audiences who didn’t know the brand yet or haven’t interacted with it. The intention: popping into the consumer’s mind. To achieve it, we used detailed segmentation, which let us include or exclude a specific group of people according to their demographic characteristics, interests, and behaviors. In this section, you could be as specific as you wish.



Segmentaciones empleadas para las campañas de Facebook Ads


On Google, we created a group of ads unifying main keywords by each furniture category in the Manuel Delgado & CIA store catalog. With it, we achieve to create search and display campaigns oriented to the specific user’s interests..


Palabras clave de búsqueda



Anuncios de Google Display


Posicionamiento en los primeros resultados de búsqueda en Google con "muebles de oficina en merida"



To promote the distinct product groups and due to the confinement, we sought to take advantage of the situation and we took the most of the moment to position ourselves and increase the engagement on a social media level through a giveaway of home office furniture. 

The giveaway ended up being highly popular and positioned Manuel Delgado as a business to all of the people who work from home. The Giveaway reached around 25,000 people in an organic way and 15,000 comments from users participating.





Crecimiento de seguidores en Facebook




To take advantage of the popularity caused by the brand through the giveaways, remarketing audiences were made to reach all of the people who were interested in participating. The website sales, which previously wasn’t considered a strong channel, increased by 827% approximately in the next trimester. 

These campaigns generated: 1,117 products added to the cart and took 14,270 people to the website.



We created specific oriented ads to sell articles that could be of interest to each segment, trying to have an adequate format for each location of the ad on Facebook and optimize the ads in the best possible way.  

These campaigns generated:

1,117 products added to the cart 

14,270 visits on the website 




Estas campañas generaron:




We made use of email marketing with Manuel Delgado as an excellent way of developing a unique personality for your brand. This tool represents a straight channel to the clients' or potential clients’ mailboxes, and from there we send periodic updates, this gives us the chance to generate more online sales by showing in a creative, dynamic way and with direct access to the products of the online store. 




The comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Manuel Delgado helped us to align all the efforts towards a single goal. This way, it allowed us to unify and transmit direct communication with our followers in any of the different channels we use for this brand.

The results were reflected in the general traffic of the website 



Tráfico al sitio web por fuente


Resultado de conversiones durante el primer semestre de 2020

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