Yucatan Country Club
Mérida, MX
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Implementación de CRM: Alan Oxté
Desarrollo de Facebook Ads: Carlos Alemán
Desarrollo de Google Ads: Gerardo Chan

Yucatan Country Club



The Yucatan Country Club, located in the city of Mérida, in the state of Yucatán, is one of the best luxury communities to live in Latin America. Surrounded by a unique lifestyle in the peninsula, with first class amenities for its residents and multiple spaces that harmonize with the environment, such as: an extraordinary Club House with fine architecture, first class restaurants, spa and sports academies certified that include tennis, paddle tennis and golf that accompanies the "El Jaguar" course, whose beauty and quality have been recognized with prestigious international awards. All this, within a privileged space in the best area of the white city.

The objective for which the following real estate marketing strategy was developed was focused around two real estate developments that are part of a range of housing options within this community. Harmonia; Elevated Apartments (from 6.5 million pesos) and Amanhá; Residencial Resort (from 10 million pesos), are two high-end projects that offer users a life full of exclusive moments, backed by Inmobilia.

From the beginning, the objective was clear: to provide the sales teams with qualified leads. It seems easy, however, it was a 12-month job of strategy, administration and implementation of social media, nutrition of valuable content, mailer campaigns, editorial calendars, automated flows and optimization of SEM strategies on the Google Ads and Google Ads platforms. Facebook Ads, all of this strengthened by working together with project managers and, above all, by constantly monitoring the results of the inbound marketing strategy for real estate.



One of the main obstacles we face in the implementation of a Real Estate Marketing Strategy is finding the right lead, the prospect that meets the necessary parameters to become an MQL (Marketing Qualify Lead) both on Facebook Ads and on Google Ads.

At the beginning, the strategy was directed to the search for contacts through hard sell reinforcing it with lifestyle content. As the campaign progressed, the optimizations in the structures, segments, keywords and communication, gave signs that the line drawn was correct. The work of the real estate marketing specialists was essential to achieve these optimal results during execution and development time.




Sustained under these structures of Facebook Ads and Google Ads, we managed to reach more than 1,000,000 people nationwide (optimizing geographical areas), printing our ads more than 18,000,000 times and securing an average CTR (click to rate) of 3.5 %.



Together, these metrics opened the panorama for us to refine the message in both projects and with the appropriate feedback from the sales team, the numbers began to give us the results we were looking for: The qualification and closing of the lead.

During the entire PPC campaign for the real estate company, an estimated $700,000 pesos were invested in digital guidelines, which in total generated approximately $60 million pesos in direct sales, a number that definitely supported the investment and joint efforts. In addition to this amount, additional indirect sales were generated, thanks to the correct positioning of the projects, the efforts of the real estate brokers and the internal team.



The key to this result was largely due to the optimizations carried out, the strategic sending of mailers with personalized content and automation within Hubspot, but without a doubt, it was the great work of segment refinement on both platforms, which generated that as we progressed, leads showed more and better interest in high-end products.

Social Media was key in the content strategy. Our main objective was engagement, getting feedback or connecting with customers and followers. Strategically, we decided to divide the communication of the two Yucatan Country Club projects: Amanhá and Harmonia. Each one with its own essence and voice.

With the objective of capturing new business opportunities through the website, the branding team was in charge of generating a new image and redesigning it, projecting the company's values and proposal.

The renewal of the website was one more key within the digital real estate marketing strategy, in addition to being directly connected to our CRM No. 1 HubSpot that allowed us to host the contacts in a database and make use of Marketing tools, Sales and customer service.

Throughout the campaign, more than 3,000 leads were generated and registered in Hubspot between both platforms, with Facebook Ads being the one with the highest performance in attracting prospects and Google Ads being the platform with the best contact profile.



One of the most important parts of the process of developing an inbound marketing strategy for real estate is, without a doubt, the complete automation through Hubspot of all the necessary Marketing actions that speed up the response time and contact follow-up. This is how the reduction of internal work processes is achieved and the possibilities of taking a lead to the conversion or purchase process are increased. Particularly for this strategy, the following were automated:

  • First contact emails.
  • Contact nutrition strategy.



Email Marketing is one of the most important tools within the strategy as part of the monitoring of our campaigns and prospecting strategies. To guarantee your success, we take care of aspects such as:

  • Database segmentation.
  • Definition of communication messages, such as the title and the language we want to use.
  • We determine an ideal time and an optimized design to seek optimization.

Some of the results obtained throughout the implementation of the strategy:



The results obtained for this project speak of a comprehensive strategy, implementing key tools for prospecting and qualifying leads and supported by Hubspot as an automation CRM, but without a doubt, a key factor was constant direct communication and review of results with the sales team of the Yucatan Country Club developments.



Now that you know how we can improve the prospecting of qualified clients for your project through PPC campaigns for real estate and an inbound marketing strategy, it's time to take action. At Mantra we help you generate a winning strategy based on results. Write us and let us present what we would do for you.



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